About DC We Designs

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 10 AM - 8 PM CST
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Noon - 5:00 PM CST

DC Web design is strictly for the small business community along with hobbyist and nonprofit organizations. We understand how difficult it is for them to advertise their products and services, so we do our utmost best to work with them to get them an Internet presence giving them a fighting chance against larger businesses that can afford websites, and costly advertising in printed material, radio and TV.

Every web developer in this country charges their clients thousands of dollars for a website that uses a predefined template. All they do is replace the content with what you give them.  Many of them also design your site in a way that you will need them to make updates to specific parts of your site that you yourself can do without any knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, or Java Script coding.  We do not, and will not go that route.

Every website designed by DC Web Designs is unique, built from scratch, templates are never used at any time. We will not tell you how your website is going to look, you tell us what you want it to look like. We will offer our opinions and suggestions, but in the end, you make the final decision. We also do our best to help enable you to make updates to your site without our help when ever possible, and we connect you with external web based services that will give you total control over certain aspects of your website.  

If you have andy questions, please feel free to contact Support